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Nubax Trio Singapore

Introducing: The Ultimate BACK PAIN Machine for Effective Back Pain Relief…The Nubax Trio®

The Nubax Trio is a scientifically proven at-home spinal decompression machine for the treatment of back pain in the short and long-term… I believe the Nubax Trio is quickly becoming the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to quickly relieve (sometimes instantly eliminate) back pain without harmful drugs, dangerous surgery or giving up your first born in order to afford it.

Here’s what you’ll love about it:
  • Many people who use the Nubax Trio experience relief within the first week!
  • It’s Less Expensive Than Other Solutions – As you’ll see later on, the Nubax Trio can save you about 90% of the price you’d pay if you got the same treatment from your local chiropractor. And in the rough economic times we’re in today… I’m sure you’ll appreciate that!
  • 81% Success Rate For Eliminating Pain – Traction therapy, the practice of lengthening the spine (AKA – Spinal Decompression) has been proven to help reduce or even eliminate back pain.
  • In a study published by the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation in 1999… it was found that 81% of those with mild to moderately severe pain found symptomatic relief with traction therapy.
  • It Takes Just 3-6 Minutes Per Day – Instead of wasting 1-2 hours every week (being conservative) driving to your local chiropractor or physical therapist for treatment… with the Nubax all that’s required is 3-6 minutes per day of leaning over and relaxing.

I realize that sounds almost “too good to be true so let me explain how it works.
Imagine a dried up sponge. It’s hard, inflexible and even slightly brittle.

Now imagine pouring a glass of water over the top of that sponge. Visualize the sponge filling up with water as it expands and becomes softer, more flexible and… well… more “spongy”.

This is exactly what your spine is doing every single day.
The Nubax Trio takes just minutes per day and
can add YEARS to the longevity of your spinal discs!

You see… as you live your everyday life… gravity is literally squeezing water out of your discs – much like what happens if you slowly apply pressure to a wet sponge between your hands.

As more and more pressure is applied to your discs (through walking, gravity, and other everyday activities) – less and less water can flow through and apply the “sponge-like” effect to your discs.

Without that water… your discs get thinner and thinner… causing pressure, pain and stiffness in your spine.

And as you’ve experienced first-hand… it hurts!

Without water in your discs to help absorb the pressure on your spine caused by gravity as well as normal wear-and-tear on your body each day… you begin experiencing the pain you’re probably feeling as you read this right now.

And… as we age our bodies become less able to fill our discs with that necessary “cushioning-water” – which is one of the main reasons your back is killing you.

Here’s the great news. The Nubax Trio eliminates that problem.

As you lean forward in the Nubax Trio… it decompresses and stretches your spine, creating a separation in your vertebrae, relieving pressure on your spinal discs and nerves.
Within just seconds on the Nubax, you’ll feel the best stretch in your back you’ve ever felt!

The separation allows nutrient-rich fluid to circulate within the vertebrae (which your body then uses to heal itself) and allows your discs to “re-absorb” the water gravity is sucking out of them – as we just talked about.

My guess is… you’ve already “TRIED” to stretch in this exact same way by yourself.

Think about it.

What do YOU do when your lower back hurts?

The natural tendency is to bend at the waist and lean over, trying to stretch your back and get relief, like the picture to the left.

However… as you’ve seen with your own eyes when trying to do this – it’s virtually impossible to get the stretch you’re looking for becuase of the way your body is built.

That’s where the Nubax Trio takes over… allowing you to FINALLY discover…

FAST (Sometimes Instant) Pain Relief… Plus Its Minimizes
The Chance For Future Flare-Ups!
Because of the unique way in which the Nubax Trio lengthens and decompresses your spine… you’ll experience relief in 2 different ways.

Short-Term Relief – One of the biggest causes of back pain and sciatica is the combination of excess pressure on the discs (spinal compression), dehydration and mineral and other nutritional deficiencies. Over time our muscles get so tight that the pressure on the discs remains constant and this leads to an early deterioration of the discs and issues like bulging and herniated discs.

Through it’s unique stretching effect, the Nubax creates a negative vacuum in your spine… creating just enough pressure to “suck” your disc back into the spot it SHOULD be in, which pulls the disc off the nerve and relieves your pain – sometimes instantly (eliminating the pain instantly doesn’t happen often…however it DOES happen… I’ve seen it with my own eyes).

Long-Term Relief – That same negative vacuum in your spine allows nutrient-rich fluid to shoot back into your discs and around your spine like a slingshot. Gravity normally squeezes this fluid out of your discs throughout the course of the day…

… and when the Nubax Trio stretches and decompresses the spine, it allows more space between your discs… allowing a flurry of water and nutrients to enter the disc (bringing you pain relief thanks to the “cushioning” effect of water in your discs)

I can’t claim this is the “only” treatment you’ll need to keep your back healthy and pain-free for the rest of your life, since back pain is always caused by a combination of underlying causes like muscle imbalances, trigger points, nutritional deficiencies and excess negative emotions and stress.

However you should know this:

The Nubax Trio is something I personally recommend everyone should use (even those without back pain)… due to its amazing ability to heal and strengthen the spine over the long term.

In fact… in my opinion…

… the Nubax Trio is just as important to your back health as fish oils and exercise are to your heart!

It’s not something you “should” do… it’s something you “must” do to create and maintain a healthy, pain-free back.

Here’s the best part.

It’s So Simple To Use… We Have 70 Year Old Customers
Who SWEAR By It!

As you can see there are 3 quick and easy steps to relieving your back pain.

Simply kneel into the Nubax… clip in the waist belt… then lean forward and relax for 1-3 minutes!

– Kneel in to the Nubax Trio

– Clip in the waist belt and grip the handles

– Allow your body to lean forward. Hold this position for just 1-3 minutes a few times per day and watch your back pain slowly fade away over time.

This device is so easy to use we have a 83-year-old customer using it daily… who loves it.

And if you’re worried about your knees or hips… don’t be!

A 69 year old customer of ours with BOTH knees replaced simply puts a thick pillow under his knees. Other users who have trouble getting up off the floor say they are now using the device in their beds.

Bottom line: Don’t let excuses stop you from experiencing relief!

Scientific Study Proves It… 100% Improvement In Physical Function, Stiffness And Pain Reduction In Just 3 Short Weeks!

The School of Sport Science, Exercise & Health in Western Australia conducted a study to scientifically PROVE the effectiveness of the Nubax machine.

Here are the results they found.

In the first 3 weeks, the participants noticed a 100% improvement in physical function, stiffness and pain as a whole.

Plus… when only looking at “physical function” by itself (e.g. the ability to move your body)… they enjoyed a 350% increase in physical function in just 3 weeks of using the Nubax.

Excited so far?

It gets even better.

After just 6 weeks of using the Nubax… they experienced an increase of 143.75% in overall improvement!

Imagine just 3 short weeks from now as YOUR back pain, stiffness and physical function improves by 100%, allowing you to finally get back to the things you LOVE to do, but have too much pain to do now.

Things like playing your favorite sports with friends…

… hobbies such as gardening or traveling…

…. playing with your children and/or grandchildren…

… or even just hanging out with friends!

Take A Peek At These Success Stories From Other Ecstatic Nubax Worldwide Users
nubax-melanie-testimonial“I just put together the Nubax and used today! I LOVE IT! i have a gravity inversion table
(hang upside down) but LOVE the actual STRETCH i get from the Nubax because i am
constantly “stretching” my hip and back areas as i sit somewhere; mostly from discomfort
and can only find the relief in stretching. Its become almost obsessive but NOW with
the Nubax, i can get real stretch. I am sooo happy to have come across your site after all
these years!!! I still have a Long way to go but the Quick progress/relief ive gotten is
absolutely amazing!” ~Melanie L.
nubax-george-testimonial“An injury to my lower back in 2005 made it nearly impossible for me to compete at the elite level as a member of the Australian Hockey Olympic squad. Even getting through a training session became too difficult and after almost a decade as a professional sportsman, the pain became too much. One of the boys at the Australian Institute of Sport put me on to the Nubax™ Trio as he had a lot of success with it himself. I started to use it before and after training as I had been receiving traction as a form of treatment from the team physio. Since then I’ve been playing and training with out any problems- I reckon that my back is as good as it has been for a long time. The Nubax™ Trio has been a great help to me and I would recommend that anyone with a back problem should give it a go. I’m due to retire at the end of the Beijing Olympics and am looking forward to waking up in the morning pain free thanks to Nubax” ~ Bevan George – Australian Hockey Team Co-Captain, dual Olympian, Olympic Gold medallist
nubax-matt-testimonial“I try to do everything I can to get my body in good shape for a game and the Nubax® is something I have added to my overall program this year to hopefully help that. I have found it a very useful in opening up and relieving some tension in my lower back.” ~ Matt Priddis – West Coast Eagles

17 Great Reasons To Reserve Your Nubax Today…
  • Takes Just 3-6 Minutes Per Day – This is the “easiest” way to get back pain relief I’ve ever come across. Simply kneel into the Nubax, lean forward and allow your spine to stretch. Hold that stretch for 1-3 minutes a few times per day. That’s it!
  • No Strain On Your Joints – The Nubax requires very little effort on your part, and puts virtually no strain on other joints in your body. Many people who’ve tried other options such as the Inversion Table often complain about joint strain. When you begin using the Nubax you’ll never have to worry about that again!
  • Less Frequent Chiropractor or Physiotherapy Visits – Chiropractor visits are great at reducing subluxations and re-aligning you spine, however…believe me I know! The Nubax Trio, however, traction the spine and improve hydration that is difficult to do with just manual therapy without machine.
  • Is Perfectly Safe For Those With High Blood Pressure And Diabetes – Another downfall of an Inversion Table is people with high blood pressure, diabetes and many other conditions either have a hard time using it… or can’t. With the Nubax there are very few health condition limitations
  • It’s Small And Lightweight – Weighing in at just 16 pounds with the ability to fold and store under your bed… the Nubax can be carried and moved by virtually anybody and takes up just a few tiny feet of space!
  • Resume Your Favorite Activities Again – If you’re like many of my customers and clients, you’re frustrated that you can’t golf, go bowling, do fun activities with your family, or hardly anything else involving any kind of physical motion. Once you begin using the Nubax you’ll finally be able to do your favorite activities again and get your life back to how it was before your back pain!
  • Work Without Distractions – In today’s economy, you can’t afford anything that may jeopardize your job. Yet when you’re living your day in a fog from medication or overwhelming pain… you can’t perform your job as well as you should – and people notice. Imagine how much better and more efficient you’ll work once you feel comfortable all day, instead of working for 8 hours in pain!
  • Provides Fast, Sometimes Instant Relief – One of the near miraculous aspects of the Nubax is that in some cases, you can get instant relief. I’ve personally seen people hardly able to walk up to the Nubax… use it for just a few minutes… and stand up feeling 90-100% relief from their back pain.
  • Provides Long-Term Benefits And Overall Spine Health – Because of what happens as your spine decompresses (nutrient-rich fluids are “sucked” into your discs, re-cushioning your discs with extra water, and relieving the pressure caused by gravity)… your back pain naturally fades away into the background… leaving you more energetic, happier and free to do the things you want to do, not what your back allows you to do…
  • Gives Relief Without Harmful Drugs Or Surgery – Harmful anti-inflammatory drugs cause long-term damage you may not even know about… and risky surgery may leave you with MORE agony if something goes wrong… and even if it goes right – may NOT be a permanent solution!
  • Clinically Proven To Work – In a clinical study conducted by The School of Sport Science, Exercise & Health in Western Australia… researchers found that participants improved their overall physical function, stiffness and pain reduction by 100% in just 3 weeks… and 147% in just 6 short weeks!
  • Stop Feeling Miserable – Let’s face it… chronic back pain is not a pleasant experience and often leaves you grumpy, miserable and upset. After all, you’re in constant pain and can’t do the things you love anymore, so why wouldn’t you be miserable?
  • It Feels Great – As you kneel down and stretch your back, you’ll feel a slight pulling and stretching sensation that, if you don’t push “too” hard, actually feels terrific. Plus, you’ll know that your back is healing and getting better!
  • Sleep Through The Night In Peace – Imagine how amazing your days will go when you sleep peacefully through the night… then wake up in the morning and hop out of bed like a spring chicken instead of squirming awkwardly out of bed having to stretch and warm up your stiff back!
  • Reduce Shrinking As You Age! – Height reduction (AKA – “shrinking”) as you age is an embarrassing yet undeniable fact. As you begin using the Nubax daily and take the gravitational pressure off your spine, allowing it to rebuild itself and maintain its strength… it slows down the “shrinking” process and helps prevent the infamous “hump” you commonly see in elderly folks.
  • We Only Have Limited Quantities Left – The Nubax has become so popular… we literally can’t keep up with the demand.
  • No More Huge Bills – The other 2 options you have (expensive machines or surgery) each cost about 10x more than the Nubax… are more of a hassle… and may even give you permanent damage if not done perfectly.

Considering the Nubax Trio saves you money, time, and aggravation WHILE relieving your pain… you can imagine why these sell out so fast.

Worse yet, when we’re sold out… sometimes we can’t get new shipments in from our manufacturer for WEEKS at a time…during to container sea vessel shipping.

… So if you don’t reserve yours today I can’t guarantee you’ll have another chance tomorrow – or even later on today!

Why take that risk?

Save your money and use it on your new “pain-free” lifestyle instead!

Yes, Doc! Please Reserve My Nubax Before You Run Out!
  • The Original Nubax Trio® – Weighing just 7.5 kg so you can pick it up and store it away easily, the Nubax is your ticket to getting your life back for good. Just 3-6 minutes per day may be exactly what you need to relieve or even eliminate chronic back pain. All required hardware is included and setup takes just 10-15 minutes.
  • Instructional DVD – This instructional DVD reveals exactly how to piece the Nubax together (it takes just 10-15 minutes and is easy to put together – even for those with no “handyman” skills whatsoever) as well as how to begin using the Nubax and what you should expect while using it.
  • The Nubax Trio® Users Guide – This short manual gives you a step-by-step (with pictures) guide to assembling your Nubax. Putting it together takes just a few short minutes. It also reveals how to adjust the shoulder pads and waist belt… how to get out of the Nubax (for those with joint problems)… the best times to use it… and how to achieve maximum results in minimum time!
  • (For Limited Timely) – Your purchase will also entitle you to a full Chiropractic Exam FREE by me worth $60. You can use it to check your current condition and get my professional opinion on how we may help you further if needed.
  • International Shipping Available from November 2016 – We NOW ship with tracking number to the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, & Vietnam.


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