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How does Nubax Trio Work | Nubax Trio Singapore

The Nubax® Trio technology is designed so that the hips and the shoulders are held symmetrically in place, while the stretch to the spine and associated muscles is applied.

Experts agree that water between collagen fibrils serves as a form cellular transport, which is critical to natural healing. This fluid also allows for greater extensibility.

Unfortunately immobilization, injury and plain old ageing leads to a loss of the natural hydration process. If the daily use of your muscles becomes greater than the body’s natural recuperative capabilities, the back will progressively become more painful and back stiffness will ensue.

The underlying philosophy of the Nubax® Technology is supported by clinical trials and many hours have gone into considerable amounts of research material, prepared both in Australia and overseas. However, to bring the Nubax® philosophy back to basics, the Nubax® philosophy can be simplified into three sections:

  1.     Treatment
  2.     Time
  3.     Place

Treatment – Spinal manipulation often seems to achieve the best results in cases of lower back pain. Traction therapy is commonly attributed with the immediate albeit temporary relief of pain in as many as 70% of lower back pain cases.  Traction therapy relieves discal pressure and it is generally accepted that whilst in a decompressed state intra-spinal conditions are most favourable to self-healing.

Time- Effective traction has traditionally required large and expensive pieces of equipment, predominantly found in hospitals and clinics. These machines would also require professional assistance to operate.

In office spinal decompression machines may be prohibitive for some. It is widely acknowledged that “one off” treatments by these traditional devices will provide some relief, but without regular treatments, any benefits gained will quickly be undone. The fact that traction is only effective when applied regularly and that it hasn’t been readily available as a form of therapy has created a paradox for this method of treatment.

Place- The Nubax® Trio is an affordable method of applying effective spinal traction in the home, safely and comfortably. Not surprisingly, it is sleep which places the least amount of pressure on the discs. Considering the fact that reduced spinal pressure aids the natural healing process, the ideal time to relieve discal pressure would be prior to retiring to an extended period of rest. In doing so, the body utilises the natural healing process and the benefits gained from spinal traction.