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Inversion therapy Verses Nubax | Nubax Trio Singapore

Inversion therapy Verses Nubax

Inversion therapy vs Nubax

What is the difference between Inversion therapy Verses Nubax Trio? Inversion therapy is basically a table that you lie on, you get strapped on at your ankles and the table inverts at an ankle to help stretch the spine. This is the fundamental concept of spinal traction. So what are you doing the traction for? The intention is to traction the spine either the lower back, neck or both. I will list 5 important difference to compare inversion therapy with the Nubax Trio, without reservation.

5 Keys Differences Between Inversion Therapy and Nubax Trio

The first important feature of Inversion therapy table is you get your feet strap at the ankles. If you have any swelling or edema at the ankles due to pregnancy, kidney disease, preeclampsia, painful varicose veins or ankle sprain, inversion table may not be suitable for you. The Nubax Trio anchors at the front of the hip via an adjustable belt. Your knees will be on the floor, so if you have knee cap issues this will not be suitable for you. If you are elderly, and have limited strength to get up or down to the kneeling position, the Nubax will be a challenge; they will probably need assistance to get down to use the Nubax Trio machine.

The amount of force that pulls the spine in the key element in spinal traction. While the inversion table traction force is determined by the weight of the person hanging from his ankle, the Nubax Trio a hip harness which is adjustable to determined how much traction you which to have. With the inversion table with adjustable angle, you can also determined the amount of traction but limited by how comfortable you are hanging upside down like a bat.

The Nubax Trio is a dedicated traction device for the lower back spine, since the traction occurs between the hip harness and the axillary post (armpit cushions. On the other hand, since the inversion table hangs you from the feet, the traction force is dissipated throughout the body from joints of the ankle, knees, hip, sacroiliac bones, and the spine. Hence, the inversion table traction from the lower limbs to the spine while the Nubax Trio traction the spine only.

Space is a constraint for city dwellers. Generally speaking, the inversion table by virtue that it has to accommodate a person who is stretch out occupies more vertical space and horizontal space than the Nubax Trio. The Nubax Trio takes up less space as the user is in a somewhat kneeling position.

As you can see both machines does traction for the body. Your choice will be determine by your current condition and preference.

Inversion Table


Anchors at Ankle only

Traction Weight Dependent

Pulls Spine Knees Ankles

Stretch back & neck

Occupies more space


Nubax Trio


Anchor both hip shoulders

Traction Variable Via Settings

Pull Focused on Back

Stretches back only

Occupies less space


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