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What is the Nubax Trio | Nubax Trio Singapore

The Nubax Trio is listed on the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, the Nubax® Trio is a portable traction device that can be used safely, easily and effectively in the home. The Nubax® Trio can also be used by healthcare providers to treat and manage a wide range of chronic back problems.

Clinical trials conducted by the University of Western Australia revealed that users of the Nubax® Trio consistently achieve better results, than those people who rely solely on commonly prescribed forms of manipulation, massage and other exercises for their back pain. Simplified, the Nubax® Trio stands out from other forms of traction, offering a correlation of benefits you would not find in any other traction device with such features as:

The Nubax® Trio helps to:

  •     Relieve lower back pain.
  •     Maintain a healthy back.
  •     Perform physically demanding activity.
  •     Maintain mobility and a healthy lifestyle.

The Nubax® Trio is a functional therapeutic device that provides traction therapy, and can be effective in:    Occupational health.

  •     Sports.
  •     Pain management.
  •     Pre-activity warm-up (Injury prevention).
  •     Exercise.
  •     Relaxation.

The key benefits of Nubax® Trio include:

  •     Can be a beneficial adjunct to a wide range of popular forms of therapy.
  •     The ability for users to apply traction to the spine under their own complete control, wherever and whenever they need it.
  •     Provides a credible alternative to intermittent (cyclical) traction
  •     Gentle but strong static traction force.
  •     Maintains a correctly aligned spine while stretch is applied between the shoulders and the pelvis.
  •     Easy to use and fully portable.
  •     Drug free pain relief.